The lemon sap and juice cure detoxifies with slow-absorbing carbohydrates

The Lemon Sap and Juice Cure, based on millennial fasting therapy, is the ideal treatment to detoxify the body.

The Sap and Lemon Juice Cure, also known as the Neera Cure, is neither a medicine nor a form of food, but a ” detox” Cure based on lemon and Sap Syrup, which gives the body the possibility of replenishing, regenerating, renewing, and create own antibodies. Detoxifies the entire organism and eliminates fat without side effects, as well as balancing your body, your mind, and your emotions.

slow absorption energy

Neera Sap Syrup is a mixture of the best palm and maple syrups that, in addition to being very rich in trace elements and other nutrients, is composed mainly of slowly absorbed carbohydrates. Slow-absorbing carbohydrates are beneficial because they feed and strengthen brain and muscle cells.

Due to this, side effects such as fatigue, irritability, nervousness, lack of concentration, and performance do not usually occur during fasting, if the cure is carried out correctly.

In the case of Sap Neera Syrup, the glycemic index (IG) and the glycemic load are low (IG 35) -lower than 54 is considered a low level-, which is very favorable for having sugar levels in the balanced blood. 

What is the GI (glycemic index)?

This index is used to measure the speed with which the carbohydrates in the food we eat affect the level of glucose in the blood. The higher this index is for food, the faster it will be transformed into glucose. This sudden increase in glucose puts the body on alert and triggers the production of insulin.

The basis of this index is glucose, to which the value 100 has been given. From this base, that of other foods is compared. The lower the glycemic index of a food, the slower the rise in glucose level it causes. This slowness is very beneficial, for example, in the case of people with diabetes, who must avoid these sudden rises in glucose.

When we eat a food with a high glycemic index, unless glycogen stores are low at the time, it will most likely be converted to fat entirely, as will most foods eaten at the same time, or have been consumed. eaten a few hours before. This is why high-fat foods are so fattening when combined with high-glycemic foods.

Two examples. Among the lousy combinations, to gain weight, we will find hamburgers and pizzas. In hamburgers (especially if they are eaten accompanied by the typical cola drink), the fat and proteins of the meat are combined with the bread (which, because it is -usually- very refined, has an even higher GI than bread normal) and, in addition, with the sugar of the soft drink. And in pizzas,

the fat and proteins of the ingredients are combined with the fast-absorbing carbohydrates of the base. That is why people who often eat pizzas and hamburgers are the ones who will reach levels of obesity that were unknown until products of this type became widely popular.

As we can see, the glycemic index of Palm and Maple Sap Syrup is low and allows us to use it during fasting or semi-fasting without worry. Instead, we should avoid foods with an index greater than 60 or, at least, not eat them combined with fatty foods. 

As we have already mentioned, the Cure of sap and lemon juice, the Neera Cure, is based on the ancient therapy of fasting, but it must be made clear from the outset that fasting does not mean “going hungry”, but rather living for a certain period.

own reserves, ingesting in the case of the Neera Cure only water, lemon juice, Sap Syrup Neera, and infusions to taste. In addition, while fasting, the body takes the opportunity to get rid of the accumulated detritus and allows the organs to regenerate and reactivate their functioning.

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